Easier everyday life with Multi Trolley in SOVA stores

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Multi Trolley is a transport cart that is unlike any other. Multi Trolley is based on a patented method which means that one person can do two people’s job and at the same time work both safely and ergonomically. The end result is actually a slightly simpler everyday life – something that is difficult to achieve with a regular transport cart.

One of our customers reviews: “SOVA has now been working with Worker 6.0 for about 1.5 months. It really helps our daily operation as we currently have a period where we sell a lot of exhibition beds, but also when receiving deliveries and moving goods. between warehouses in our store. We have a fairly long distance to move beds / pillows / duvets when we receive delivery and there Worker 6.0 has really facilitated our work. Very user-friendly and the product feels solid. Many thanks Multitrolley for a good and user-friendly product that makes our everyday life at SOVA much easier. “klare.”

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