A transport cart that makes your work day easier

There are many different transport carts, trollies and other moving tools but nothing is quite like Multi Trolley. Multi Trolley is based on a patented method that means one person can do two peoples job and simultaneously work both ergonomically and safely. The end result is a simpler workday. This is hard to reach with a normal cart.

A patented method – this is how it works

The basis for the Multi Trolley is the transport cart is attached to the side of the item that shall be moved. Thanks to the adjustable support posts, the cart can be easily attached to most items. The next step is to simply tilt the item 90 degrees and let the cart do the job and take the strain. Then you simply roll it away, meaning that narrow spaces are easily navigated. With our unique Multi Trolley method, you can work quickly and effectively whilst dramatically reducing the risk of injury.

Save time and money with our smart cart

Our satisfied customers are in several different sectors such as schools, hospitals, hotels, furnishing companies and a wide range of different operations. The main denominator they have in common is that they move a lot of chairs, tables, beds, sofas, cabinets and many other types of furniture. Multi Trolley is a small investment that is almost payed off directly, mainly because our transport cart saves time but also because it contributes to lower rates of sick days and decreased strain injuries.

Increased profitability for you in the moving industry

If you run a moving company Multi Trolley can help you do more profitable jobs. Due to the fact that one person can do two peoples job, you can offer more competitive offers whilst not compromising profitability. You can manoeuvre heavy items quicker and simultaneously avoid damage to items and premises.

A safer working method for your employees

Multi Trolley is a recommended working method by several organisations such as EHSS (Swedish ergonomic society) and meets the EU directive for manual handling (90/268/EEC). Multi Trolley contributes to a more ergonomic working environment for all workers that carry or lift furniture. Through investing in Multi Trolley you demonstrate that you are serious on safety and safe working environments. Multi Trolley also increases professionalism, by having the right tools to do the right job.