Multi Trolley Worker 6.0

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Multi Trolley Woker can also perform the same tasks as the Standard model. The difference between Worker and Standard is that Worker comes with an extra set of 56 cm posts, the frame is wider and has bigger castors. It therefore can carry out a wider variety of functions and is the perfect Transport Trolley: stack panels, doors, boards etc.

Unlike traditional models where posts cannot be moved, Worker allows you to adjust the posts for the item at hand.

All posts are completely adjustable and removable.




If you are using for panels, boards or doors ensure at least two brakes are locked and adjust the adjustable posts accordingly. These are adjusted by simply holding in the button, turning the handle to loosen (post can then be moved) or lock.


Capacity: 250 kg / 550 lbs.

Higher objects increase the risk of tipping, ensure object is leaning against the adjustable support post.

In tight spaces be careful of trapping fingers.


Examples of items that can be moved with Multi Trolley Worker are:

Panels, doors, sheeting, boards, cabinets, tables, sofas, beds and much more.


Advantages of using Multi Trolley Worker:

Adaptability – adjustable support posts can be moved to accommodate for the item at hand, compared to traditional Transport Trolleys where posts are far more rigid and unadaptable.

Enhanced handling – bigger castors allows for smoother handling of items and can transport both inside and outside, as well as on unsmooth surfaces.

Increased profitability by streamlining your time and workforce, Multi Trolley Worker becomes a profitable investment that is quickly paid off. Smooth and quick handling of furniture reduces customer complaints and increases satisfied customers. Improving employees’ health and equipment reduces sick days lost to injuries and quickly improves working lives. That is why we proudly state that Multi Trolley is a economic necessity.


Length 78 cm / 31 Inches
Width 42 cm / 17 inches
Height 76 cm / 30 inches
Weight 16 kg / 35 lbs
Capacity 250 kg / 550 lbs
Material 2 mm steel profile

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