A furniture cart for all purposes

Furniture cart, transport trolley, transport cart…….. Multi Trolley is almost unlimited in how you can use it. In addition, we also have other smart solutions that save time, money and backs for our customers. Order products through our network of more than 60 distributors that spans more than 20 countries.

Multi Trolley Standard 6.0 – the most wanted
With our most popular cart a person can easily move heavy and awkward furniture on their own. Most objects can be securely moved on the cart because of the adjustable posts, which can easily be moved.

Multi Trolley Worker 6.0 – a robust cart for tougher assignments
Multi Trolley Worker has the same functions as our standard model but is designed for tougher jobs. It has a wider frame, support posts in two different sizes plus bigger castors that can be used outside.

Multi Trolley Dolly – a simple and smooth dolly cart
Multi Trolley Dolly is a dolly fitted with smooth and lockable castors. The frame has a protective rubber which prevents items moving during a move as well as protecting them from damage. Can be complemented with adjustable support posts or even extra dollies for special moves etc.


Step Glider – for mission impossible
With Step Glider you can move heavy and awkward items up and down stairs hassle-free. The patented skids allows Step Glider to glide over steps. Using Step Glider allows your employees to avoid carrying heavy and dangerous items.