All accessories fit to all Multi Trolley products, allowing you to add or remove to your trolley depending on the criteria of the job.

Different sizes of posts allow for maximum range regardless of the item, from high boards and doors to sofas (refer to brochure for recommended posts). Different size castors mean easier manoeuvrability for more awkward items and inside or outside is not an issue for you.



All accessories fit all Multi Trolley products and you can add parts according to your own specific needs. Through complementing with extra high adjustable support posts you can maximise usage of your trolley for items that are extra big such as boards or doors. The extra large castors give the possibility of transporting outside or on uneven surfaces, as well as extra smooth handling.

Heavy-duty handles are available too.

You can purchase any accessory in any quantity you desire, don’t hesitate to contact us for orders or advice. We do have over 40 years’ moving experience.

Adjustable support post96 cm / 38 inches
Adjustable support post76 cm / 30 inches
Adjustable support post56 cm / 20 inches
Fixed support post42 cm / 17 inches
Small castor10 cm diameter
Large castor12.5 cm diameter
Heavy-duty handleMetal
Mounting plate4.5 cm / 1.8 inches
Tool (wrench)19 mm