StegGlider is designed for when heavy, awkward furniture needs to be moved, perfect for moving loads up and down stairs. The uniquly designed skids are patented and enables the load to simply glide along, up or down, taking the strain instead of you. By using StepGlider, users avoid heavy and awkward unstable loads in stairwells that can be a very challenging working environment. It also makes the whole process significantly safer, removing a significant amount of risk involved, especially that caused by fatigue.





Stepglider is perfect for stairwells, uneven surfaces and even loading through windows. Ensure all items are securely fasten with straps.



Capacity: 400 kg / 881 lbs.

Use straps to secure load.

Be careful of trapping fingers in tight spaces.


Examples of items that can be moved with StepGlider are:

Safes, cabinets, pianos, people in acute need of care and much more.


Advantages of using StepGlider:

Let StepGlider take the strain –  You can effortlessly move items up and down stairs without straining the body.

Safety – Ergonomically moving items without the risk of dropping, damaging or catching fingers.

Can be used for uneven surfaces – very versatile, not just for stairs.

Length 200 cm / 79 inches
Width 40 - 60 cm / 16 - 24 inches
Height 18 cm / 7 inches
Weight 24 kg / 53 lbs
Capacity 400 kg / 882 lbs

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