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Research has shown that 4 out of 5 people suffer from back pain at some point in their lives, a job with lifting and carrying heavy items does not help… Multi Trolley is the perfect solution with its ergonomic technique which prevents injury and also saving time and money.

Peder Jensen, founder of Multi Trolley


Multi Trolley is a patented ’work method’ and tool based upon 40 years of experience within the moving industry. The method is simple and extremely effective. By simply mounting the trolley on the item, locking the wheels, anyone can just tip the item and roll away…

All parts of the trolley can be adjusted, moved or changed to adapt to every new item. There is also different size posts and castors.

Our philosophy is: Smart, Simple & safe.

2 vs 1


Multi Trolley radically changes the frame of moving furniture, from the few to the many. Strength is no longer prominent and anyone can move 250 kg (550 lbs) ergonomically without straining the body. Redeploy your resources because it no longer takes 2-3 people to move furniture.

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Multi Trolley was formed in 2010 i Örebro (Sweden) by Peder Jensen. With his 40 years’ experience in the moving industry Peder identified the need of a smart solution to moving furniture in a more efficient and safer way. As an entrepreneur with his own moving firm Peder was well accustomed to the disturbances on the company by injuries and sick days, especially how this effects the morale of employees.

It started off small-scale and drastically improved efficiency and moral within his moving firm, Peder quickly realised this invention could benefit the many. This quickly developed from a company-wide solution to an international brand, with customers in 30+ countries and many different industries. Our latest models stem from years of hard work and research.

Multi Trolley has been affectionally referred to as the Furniture Mover (or cart), the Red Trolley or even the Table Mover.

Join us on this journey!

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It has been an interesting and industrious journey. The development of Multi Trolley has also led us to the production of StepGlider and Worker. We began the development in a corner of our workshop and now we have distributors and partners all over the world. We like to say: Multi Trolley likes to move the world!

Increasing popularity has seen Multi Trolley on TV programs in Sweden and Germany. In many countries Multi Trolley is used in training programs on safe handling of items. The trolley’s unique method is patented around the world and the smart design has been awarded many distinctions and awards internationally.